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My Hero Academia Chapter 390 release delayed due to manga hiatus

Weekly Shonen Jump’s Editorial Department recently announced that the beloved manga series, “My Hero Academia,” will be going on an unexpected break in the upcoming issue of the magazine. This unfortunate news comes as a result of production issues that have arisen during the creation of the manga. Chapter 390 of “My Hero Academia,” which […]

My Hero Academia Chapter 390 takes an unexpected break. Full details inside

“The latest chapter of My Hero Academia, Chapter 390, faces an unexpected delay, leaving fans curious for more details. The manga series has taken a break due to production issues, causing some concerns among readers. However, the Shonen Jump editorial team has assured fans that the next chapter will be released on June 5, 2023, […]

Mirio’s Quirk Restoration in My Hero Academia: What’s the Secret?

Mirio Togata, also known as Lemillion, is an exceptional character in My Hero Academia, renowned for his skills and strength. As a member of U.A. High School’s esteemed “Big 3,” Mirio stands out with his remarkable fighting abilities and unique quirk, “Permeation,” which allows him to pass through solid objects and renders him nearly invulnerable. […]

Here are the top 10 couples in My Hero Academia

Here’s a list of the top 10 couples in My Hero Academia: These ten couples in My Hero Academia showcase a range of dynamics, from sweet and lighthearted to complex and intriguing. Each couple brings their own unique chemistry and contributes to the rich tapestry of relationships in the series. We bring out some of […]

MHA failed to fully explore its societal collapse arc

During the final arc of My Hero Academia, the series took a dramatic turn as the heroes faced off against the menacing Paranormal Liberation Front. Led by the formidable Tomura Shigaraki, the villains succeeded in plunging society into a state of turmoil and chaos. However, despite the gravity of this pivotal moment in the story, […]

Why Didn’t All For One Take Overhaul’s Quirk in My Hero Academia?

Why Didn’t All For One Steal Overhaul’s Quirk in My Hero Academia? All For One, known as one of the most powerful Quirks in My Hero Academia, surprisingly never showed any interest in obtaining Overhaul’s formidable Quirk. With Overhaul possessing incredible versatility and power, it raises the question of why All For One never pursued […]

What sets All Might apart from Superman in My Hero Academia

While My Hero Academia draws inspiration from classic comic book heroes like Superman, there are key differences that set All Might apart from the iconic DC character. Despite their similarities, All Might cannot be considered the anime version of Superman due to one specific reason. My Hero Academia is a shonen superhero anime that pays […]

Chapter 390 of My Hero Academia: Anticipated spoilers revealed

“My Hero Academia Chapter 390: Exciting spoilers on the horizon” As the unofficial release of My Hero Academia Chapter 390 approaches within the next 24 hours, fans are buzzing with anticipation to uncover what lies ahead. While series creator Kohei Horikoshi has faced some criticism during the final arc, recent developments have left fans highly […]

MHA chapter 389 delves into the significance of Shoto’s “Five Weiners” nickname

In Chapter 389 of the My Hero Academia manga, an intriguing development occurs as Shoto Todoroki is introduced to readers as “Five Weiners.” At first glance, this seemingly bizarre nickname may puzzle fans, but upon closer examination, its significance becomes apparent. The events leading up to this nickname reveal the evolving dynamics within the Todoroki […]

Two young MHA heroes defy physics

In a thrilling turn of events, two young students from My Hero Academia, Shoto and Iida, have astounded fans with their impressive speed feat, surpassing the boundaries of physics to rescue their friends and prevent a catastrophic disaster. As the final arc of the series unfolds, characters from both the hero and villain sides have […]