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Pokemon GO compensates players affected by Mewtwo Shadow Raid issues

The Pokemon Company and Niantic have announced that they will be providing compensation to players who experienced issues during the recent Mewtwo Shadow Raid event in Pokemon GO. This event, which took place in May, allowed players to engage in battles with Shadow Mewtwo and earn various rewards upon completing the Shadow Raid. Raid events […]

Defeating Giovanni in Pokemon GO (June 2023)

A comprehensive guide for Pokemon GO players on how to effectively counter the formidable Team GO Rocket Boss, Giovanni, and emerge victorious in battle. In the ever-competitive world of Pokemon GO, players face a constant threat from the notorious antagonists, Team GO Rocket. To confront their leader, Giovanni, players must first overcome several challenging encounters […]

Pokemon GO’s Water Festival, known as Beach Week, features Field and Timed Research tasks and rewards

Attention all Pokemon GO trainers! Get ready to dive into the exciting Water Festival: Beach Week, an immersive event that will take place worldwide. This eagerly anticipated event offers a wide array of enticing features, including the long-awaited introduction of Sandygast and Palossand. Prepare to embark on thrilling encounters as lucky players may even stumble […]

A Pokemon fan receives devastating news after 25 years

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, a dedicated Pokemon fan was met with devastating news as they embarked on a nostalgic journey with their original Game Boy handheld and a copy of Pokemon Blue. After 25 years of treasured memories and countless Pokemon captured, the fan discovered that the save battery within their Pokemon Blue […]

Massive heist: Thief steals 30,000+ Pokemon cards

In a recent incident in Arkansas, a daring thief executed a heist that targeted a precious collection of Pokemon cards. The theft amounted to over 30,000 cards, with an estimated value of $12,000. The stolen haul included not only the extensive Pokemon card collection but also other valuable items such as a PlayStation 5, a […]

Pokémon GO Water Festival: Beach Week – Tasks, Rewards, and More

“Comprehensive Guide to Pokémon GO’s Water Festival: Beach Week – Tasks, Rewards, and More” Pokémon GO enthusiasts are in for a treat as Niantic introduces the Water Festival: Beach Week event, featuring exciting tasks, rewards, and the debut of shiny Pokémon. As part of Season 10, this event offers players the chance to catch several […]

Can Krabby, Kabuto, Corphish, Clauncher, and Crabrawler be shiny in Pokémon Go?

In Pokémon Go, you have the chance to encounter several crab-like Pokémon in the wild, including Krabby, Kabuto, Corphish, Clauncher, and Crabrawler. The exciting news is that most of these crab Pokémon can be found in their shiny forms, adding a unique and eye-catching variation to your collection. However, it’s important to note that Crabrawler […]

ANA introduces Pokémon Jet at Haneda Airport, featuring Pikachu

Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) has unveiled its highly anticipated Pikachu Jet NH, marking the arrival of the sixth and final Pokémon-themed aircraft in their Air Adventures series. Following the announcement made just three months ago, the special Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner has now entered commercial service, captivating passengers with its vibrant Pokémon-themed design. The grand […]

Water Festival in Pokémon Go: Complete List of Research Tasks

Pokémon Go Water Festival: Complete Research Tasks The Water Festival has kicked off in Pokémon Go, introducing both a paid Timed Research and free Field Research to the game. In addition, the event marks the debut of Sandygast and Palossand in the mobile game, and a global challenge tasks players with making 300 million Nice […]

Mastering the Battle: Defeating Sierra in Pokémon GO (June 2023)

“Mastering the Battle: Defeating Sierra in Pokémon GO (June 2023)” Trainers in Pokémon GO have the exciting opportunity to test their skills against Team GO Rocket Leader Sierra in June 2023. By strategically selecting the right counters and employing effective battle strategies, Trainers can confidently overcome Sierra’s challenges and emerge victorious. Sierra, a formidable member […]