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Defeating Giovanni in Pokemon GO (June 2023)

A comprehensive guide for Pokemon GO players on how to effectively counter the formidable Team GO Rocket Boss, Giovanni, and emerge victorious in battle. In the ever-competitive world of Pokemon GO, players face a constant threat from the notorious antagonists, Team GO Rocket. To confront their leader, Giovanni, players must first overcome several challenging encounters […]

Pokemon GO’s Water Festival, known as Beach Week, features Field and Timed Research tasks and rewards

Attention all Pokemon GO trainers! Get ready to dive into the exciting Water Festival: Beach Week, an immersive event that will take place worldwide. This eagerly anticipated event offers a wide array of enticing features, including the long-awaited introduction of Sandygast and Palossand. Prepare to embark on thrilling encounters as lucky players may even stumble […]

Korean Pokemon VGC team disqualified for Metronome move use

The Korean Pokemon Trainers Cup took an unexpected turn when an entire team of four players from Team Korea was disqualified from the tournament for attempting to use the move Metronome as a form of protest. As the 2023 Pokemon World Championship loomed closer, competitive Pokemon players worldwide were eagerly vying for top positions in […]

Fan Creates Unique Ninetales Paradox Form in Pokémon Design

“A talented Pokemon enthusiast unveils an impressive futuristic Paradox form for Ninetales, breathing new life into the Fire-type creature. In a display of creativity and passion, a skilled Pokemon fan has conceptualized a stunning Paradox form for Ninetales. Inspired by the introduction of Paradox Pokemon in the highly-anticipated games Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which feature […]

New Scarlet & Violet DLC leaks bring good news for fans who are fond of starter Pokémon

The Pokemon community is abuzz with excitement over rumors and leaks about the upcoming Hidden Treasure of Area Zero two-part DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. According to various sources, the DLC will include a plethora of new content for the games, including new areas to explore and new Pokemon to discover. But what has […]