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Defeating Giovanni in Pokemon GO (June 2023)

A comprehensive guide for Pokemon GO players on how to effectively counter the formidable Team GO Rocket Boss, Giovanni, and emerge victorious in battle. In the ever-competitive world of Pokemon GO, players face a constant threat from the notorious antagonists, Team GO Rocket. To confront their leader, Giovanni, players must first overcome several challenging encounters […]

Pokemon Go players astounded by catching both Galarian Birds, a major accomplishment

Pokemon Go players are in awe as news spreads about an incredible feat achieved by one lucky individual: catching not just one, but two Galarian Birds in a single incense session. Niantic introduced Galarian forms for three legendary Pokemon last year, namely Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres, offering players a unique opportunity to capture these elusive […]

Korean Pokemon VGC team disqualified for Metronome move use

The Korean Pokemon Trainers Cup took an unexpected turn when an entire team of four players from Team Korea was disqualified from the tournament for attempting to use the move Metronome as a form of protest. As the 2023 Pokemon World Championship loomed closer, competitive Pokemon players worldwide were eagerly vying for top positions in […]

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Tera Raid Bosses Highlight Pokedex Issue

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet adding a bevy of Pokemon through the Tera Raid feature raises some important questions about Paldea’s Pokedex. The Pokemon franchise has always been known for its massive Pokedex, a collection of all the Pokemon that exist in the game world. With each new generation, players eagerly anticipate the addition of new […]