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Understanding Frieza’s Planetary Trade in Dragon Ball

In the expansive universe of Dragon Ball, Frieza has solidified his status as one of the most iconic villains, renowned for his formidable combat skills and insatiable quest for power. However, beneath his tyrannical rule lies a lesser-known facet of his character: his prowess as a shrewd businessman. Frieza’s planetary trade operations reveal a complex […]

Which DLC packs for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 are worth purchasing?

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, released in 2016, marked the fourth installment in the Dragon Ball franchise that allowed players to create and customize their own characters. Offering a wide range of choices, players could select from five different races, each with unique strengths and weaknesses. Since its launch, Xenoverse 2 has achieved a significant milestone, […]

Goku’s Age Throughout Each Dragon Ball Arc, Explained

Goku’s Age in Each Dragon Ball Arc, Explained Goku, the beloved Super Saiyan and protagonist of the Dragon Ball series, has experienced significant growth throughout the various tournaments and adventures in the franchise. Originally believed to be a fourteen-year-old shonen hero, Goku’s age has undergone retcons and changes since the series’ inception in 1984. As […]

Dragon Ball Super unveils the return of Golden Frieza SPR

Dragon Ball Super Card Game enthusiasts can rejoice as the highly anticipated Resurgence expansion is on the horizon. This upcoming release promises to bring exciting new content, including a Super Rare and Special Rare card dedicated to the iconic character, Golden Frieza. The anticipation is building as Bandai begins to unveil the intricate details of […]

Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Characters with Significant Transformations by Series Finale

Here’s a list of 10 Dragon Ball Z characters who underwent significant transformations by the end of the series: Each of these characters underwent significant changes in their personalities, allegiances, and power levels throughout the Dragon Ball Z series, making them memorable and contributing to the overall narrative. We bring out some of the most […]