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Demon Slayer Super Stage at Jump Festa 2023

The Demon Slayer Super Stage is scheduled to begin on December 18, 2022. Ufotable Studios announced season 3 of the anime back in February, with the official teaser of the upcoming season released in April 2022. Confirmation of the series’ Super Stage as well as the panel lineup has fans in high spirits. Follow along […]

Know more about Tokyo Revengers’ controversial ending

While not everyone is giving such a response to the ending of Wakui’s series, a vast majority certainly are. Follow along as this article fully breaks down the latest fan reactions to the Tokyo Revengers ending, focusing on those comparing Wakui to Isayama.

Ranking Strong Bleach Characters in the series

Bleach is part of the Holy tripartite of mainstream anime and the Bleach Universe is rich with strong characters and multiple worlds. After weighing facts like their strongest moves, their power with reference to its setting. We have a list of the Strongest Bleach Characters for you guys.

Is Sosuke Aizen The Strongest in Bleach Captains?

The purpose of Captains in the Bleach Universe is to protect the enigmatic Soul Society. Along with the wayward souls, Captains don the duty of protecting the members of the society as well. Captains have come and gone through the series yet we didn’t pay heed to the excellence that brought them to such a […]

Every thing you need to know about My Hero Academia season 6

The wait is almost over, and fans will have the chance to enjoy My Hero Academia season 6 in just a couple more days. Fans have been waiting for this new season to be released for months, as it will bring to life some of the best moments in the franchise. Deku and his friends […]

Top Luffy quotes from One Piece

If fans were to be asked what are the best Luffy quotes in One Piece, they would hard to coming up with an answer. There are many best Luffy quotes for almost every occasion, whether it be to motivate fans when they are down or just to make them laugh with the Straw Hat Pirate’s […]

Ranking Dragon Ball forms in the series

Dragon Ball has shown off plenty of strong forms, ranging from the Ultra Instinct to the Super Namekian. These forms tend to be power boosters and general lifesavers throughout Dragon Ball’s overall franchise and narrative. Let’s rank Dragon Ball  from strongest to weakest.