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Orion and the Dark” is “Inside Out” for anxious insomniacs

Charlie Kaufman’s latest creation on Netflix is an animated gem that delves into the psyche of a neurotic tween grappling with an intense fear of the dark. With Kaufman’s signature blend of surrealism and emotional depth, this film offers a captivating journey that is part Pixar-like heartwarming tale and part literal nightmare fuel. At its […]

DreamWorks Animation’s Top 10 Highest-Earning Movies Ever

We bring out some of the most well-known Disney collection, all of which are available at reasonable costs. Visit our link now if you are interested in the Disney collection 3D Inflated Puffy Horror Chacter Tumbler Wrap Halloween, Horror Halloween Tumbler Design Skinny Tumbler 20oz, Halloween Design Ratchet Rainbow Spray Tumbler | Hoes & Smuts | Bitch Spray […]

Anticipating the Live-Action Version of ‘How to Train Your Dragon

Marking a significant return to the helm, the highly anticipated live-action adaptation of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ sees the comeback of the original film’s writer/director, Dean DeBlois. Amidst the challenges faced by Universal Pictures, there is a palpable sense of excitement surrounding the project, as the studio endeavors to breathe new life into this […]

Ex-Dreamworks CMO Anne Globe now CMO at IMAX

Anne Globe, a distinguished executive with a notable background in the entertainment industry, has recently assumed the role of Chief Marketing Officer at IMAX. Drawing from her extensive experience as the former CEO of Skydance Media and Dreamworks Animation, Globe brings a wealth of expertise to oversee crucial aspects of IMAX’s marketing strategy. In her […]

Modder creates gory adults-only Dreamworks vs. Pixar Mortal Kombat 1

Embracing the whimsical world of modding, Toasted Shoes has skillfully reshaped the landscape of Mortal Kombat 1 into a surreal battleground, where cherished childhood characters collide in unexpected and often humorous confrontations. In lieu of the traditional combatants like Sub-Zero and Liu Kang, players find themselves controlling familiar faces such as Woody and Jesse from […]

Dreamworks is outsourcing production from Los Angeles to partner with Sony Imageworks

Dreamworks Animation is undergoing significant changes in its production strategy, driven by a need to cut costs. The studio, headquartered in Glendale, California, has decided to shift away from the long-standing practice of producing films entirely in-house. This cost-cutting initiative was disclosed by Dreamworks Animation’s Chief Operating Officer, Randy Lake, during a series of meetings […]

‘Trolls Band Together’: Catch up on DreamWorks’ sequel, with release date, cast, and trailer info

Get ready for a family-friendly treat with the upcoming release of ‘Trolls Band Together,’ the third installment in the colorful and zany DreamWorks franchise. Scheduled to hit theaters on November 17, 2023, this animated musical promises a heartwarming adventure for all ages. Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, ‘Trolls’ and ‘Trolls World Tour,’ this […]