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Ranking the Top 10 Power Creep Cases in Dragon Ball

Power creep is an inherent phenomenon in long-running series, and Dragon Ball is no exception. Over the years, we have witnessed characters undergo significant power upgrades, often leading to imbalances within the narrative. Here, we present a ranked list of the ten worst instances of power creep in Dragon Ball, highlighting the moments when the […]

Dragon Ball: The Breakers has been updated to Version

“Dragon Ball: The Breakers has received the latest update, Version, in preparation for the launch of Season 3 on June 9th, 2023. This update brings several enhancements and additions to the game. Here are the key details: Please note that future updates are planned to address additional fixes and adjustments in areas such as […]

Goku’s Worst Incarnation in Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball, with its iconic protagonist Goku, has had an indelible impact on an entire generation of manga and anime enthusiasts. It stands as one of the most influential shonen series, serving as a source of inspiration for countless characters in popular series like Naruto and One Piece. Goku, the centerpiece of the Dragon Ball […]

Trunks masters Goku’s unique Super Saiyan power in Dragon Ball Super

Trunks, known for being the second Saiyan to achieve the Super Saiyan transformation on-screen in the Dragon Ball series, has recently demonstrated his mastery of a unique power that was originally utilized by Goku. Trunks made his memorable debut in Dragon Ball Z, where he played a pivotal role in closing the Frieza Saga and […]

Dragon Ball GT may still be canon

In the vast landscape of anime, where fans are constantly bombarded with updates, sagas, reboots, and remakes, seeking solace in nostalgia is a common occurrence. Dragon Ball GT serves as a prime example of a work that holds great appeal for dedicated followers of the Dragon Ball saga. However, with each revisitation of this saga, […]

Dragon Ball Z’s filler deserves credit

Dragon Ball Z, renowned for its explosive battles and beloved characters, has also earned a notorious reputation for its filler episodes, which are often criticized for detracting from the main story. However, amidst the sea of lackluster filler content, there are moments of brilliance that deserve recognition for the unique layers they brought to the […]

Dragon Ball Super isn’t canon with DBZ, disregarding GT

The debate surrounding the canon status of Dragon Ball Super in relation to Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT has been a contentious topic among fans since the release of Super. However, a crucial revelation in the End of Z has shed new light on the matter, suggesting that Dragon Ball Super isn’t even […]

Top Dragon Ball Z Games Ever

Here’s a list of the top 5 best Dragon Ball Z games of all time: These five games represent the pinnacle of Dragon Ball Z gaming, offering captivating experiences for fans and newcomers alike, and showcasing the enduring popularity and impact of the franchise in the gaming world. We bring out some of the most […]